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Fiction Vs Reality

Fondation Gulbenkian Lisboa  •  Portugal [PT]

This exhibition, which is held at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Modern Art Centre, is organised around a selection of works that explore cinema culture, in its narrative and documentary forms.

The exhibition comprises two sections:
1. At the entrance, an ideal film library conceived by Didier Faustino welcomes the visitor/spectator with a selection of films and documentaries that have influenced this architect, the exhibition’s scenographer. The public has free access to these materials on DVD or hard disk, in an original private/public space.
2. In the main space, eleven contemporary installations (with specific display conditions) describe a trajectory that evolves from fiction to documentary, beginning with works propelled by narrative elements, which progressively become more rarefied, as we enter a more conscious relation with reality.
The project features a selection of international artists, whose use of video is influenced by narrative cinema (including science fiction), or documentary films, with the boundaries between genres not always clearly defined. Nonetheless, while moving around the exhibition, the public becomes aware of a progression in which fiction decreases as the documentary elements increase.

At the centre of the exhibition, a DVD of Chris Marker’s “La Jetée” is played in loop at the point of intersection of these two apparently opposed tendencies, as a kind of rite of passage for the public.
The exhibition includes work by the following artists: Laurent Grasso, Rachel Reupke, David Claerbout, Stan Douglas, Melik Ohanian, Chris Marker, Clemens von de Meyer, Jordi Colomer, Isaac Julien, and  Alexandre Estrela.


Rua Dr. Nicolau de Bettencourt, 1050-078, Lisbon

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