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Perform History

U -Turn At Overgaden Copenhagen  •  Denmark [DK]

Perform History _ Repetition is a possibility of change – history is alive!

Saturday, 26 January 11am-18 pm at Overgaden U-TURN presents the last chapter of the Meta-exhibition advancing the first Quadrennial for Contemporary Art autumn 2008 with the event ‘Perform History’, which offers talks by Inke Arns (DE) and Camilla Jalving (DK); a workshop by Dmitry Vilensky (RU); a performance by Roi Vaara (FI) and a re-enactment by Dora Garcia (ES) performed by Jan Mech (DE); Filmscreenings by Irina Botea (RO) and Melik Ohanian (FR). It is a one-day exhibition where history is embodied in a choreography of the exhibition space at Overgaden. The programme is curated and moderated by U-TURN, and takes place in English.

U-TURN invites you to an encounter with performative strategies reflecting (art)history and historical events. Overgaden, which at this point is empty, is for one day conceptually transformed into a set for a number of activities and situations taking place on the two floors of the building. ‘Perform History’ poses the question: how and why do we make historical events accessible through ‘live’ re-enactments (performances), reinterpretation of existing movies and reactivation of unfinished historical projects?


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