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Beiruth Art Center Beiruth  •  Lebanon [LB]

Beirut Art Center’s exhibition America is an attempt to question the United States of America a possible model of civilization. What does “America” mean in our collective unconscious? Certainly, America is a superpower and occupies a predominant position in the world. Its actions and its policies consistently demand that others position themselves in relation to them, whether in agreement, opposition or somewhere in between, stirring as much feelings of fascination and respect as exasperation and resentment. As this is especially true in our region, where America’s policies and strategies have often been divisive and destabilizing, we believe it is relevant to take a closer look at the physical and mental territory named America through an exhibition and a series of events. Neither an accusation nor a celebration, the purpose of the exhibition is to reflect on the mythologies that have built and perpetuated the idea of America and to consider the ways in which America has been both imagined and imaged by Americans and non-Americans alike. The exhibition features sixteen works by artists of different nationalities and backgrounds, living inside and outside of the United States. Whether they focus on people, urban environment or natural landscape, whether they dwell on pivotal historical moments or mundane ones, all these works reflect on aspects of American cultural, social and political life that have become of universal relevance.

Artists: Naji Al-Ali • Ayreen Anastas & René Gabri • Ziad Antar • Joseph Beuys • Wafaa Bilal • William Eggleston • Mounir Fatmi • Jenny Holzer • An-My Lê • Matt McCormick • Julia Meltzer & David Thorne • Melik Ohanian • Catherine Opie • Greta Pratt • Martha Rosler • Kara Walker

with the support of:
Heinrich Böll Foundation Ford Foundation GIFCO – Ghorayeb International Freight for Order

Jisr El Wati -
Off Corniche an Nahr.
Building 13, Street 97, Zone 66 Adlieh.
Beirut, Lebanon.

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