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Persistence Of Vision

Fact Liverpool  •  United Kingdom [GB]

Persistence Of Vision • Exploring The Nature Of Vision And Memory

Informed by scientific research and inspired by historical developments in media technology, Persistence of Vision explores the interplay of vision, memory and media. The exhibition presents contemporary artists’ works that repurpose current image technologies, as well as those of our recent past, to playfully review and re-imagine the devices through which our memories are stored and revived. A family friendly drop in space in FACT’s Media Lounge will provide hands-on activities where visitors can experience how seeing is shaped by memory, and how memory is influenced by how and what we see.

Exhibition delivered in partnership with Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Denmark.

Artist : Jamie Allen, AVPD, Julien Maire, Melik Ohanian and Mizuki Watanabe

Friday 18 Jun 2010 times: 10:30am in The Box

This is a special opportunity to hear some of the artists in the exhibition relating their work to the themes of Persistence of Vision and to scientific developments in memory, vision and media.

Join us for breakfast with artists Jamie Allen, AVPD, Julien Maire, Melik Ohanian and Mizuki Watanabe who will be discussing their work with Professor Andrew Hoskins from the Centre for Memory Studies, Nottingham University, artist and media theorist Ali Hossani, exhibition co-curator Andreas Brøgger ans FACT director/CEO Mike Stubbs.

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