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Peripherical Communities • London

Rich Mix London  •  United Kingdom [GB]

There is intense national debate in both France and Britain about the way forward for integration, despite their differing political approaches. Young people from ethnic minority communities should be at the forefront of these debates. This project is brings together young people from diverse backgrounds in Tower Hamlets and La Goutte d’Or in Paris to compare experiences about identity, place and belonging. Together they are creating a joint artwork that reflects this questioning, encouraging a more global understanding of the issues.

The video installation by Melik Ohanian reproduces voices of Parisian youth on these questions as the first phase of a work in progress. On engagement with the installation, young people from Tower Hamlets will produce their own work (spoken word/rap to be incorporated into the video installation). The intention is to share these voices with others, and get young people to interact and compare experiences across cities, developing links and building solidarity.


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Rich Mix London