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Haunted House

Outline Amsterdam  •  Netherlands [NL]

Gabriël Lester, one of Outline’s advisors, has been invited to make an exhibition. For this show, Lester not being a curator, took the approach to organize this show resembling his own working method as creator of films and installations.

« For A Haunted House of Art, the Outline space will be turned into a haunted house. It will be completely stuffed with artworks that are one way or another connected to the theme. A baroque mixture of various pieces of work by a great number of (international) artists, with various levels of experience, different audiences and ambitions, will show the figurative bogey in contemporary art…

By showing a huge number of works in the rather small, theatrical space, Lester likes to offer the possibility of discovering the spectator’s own experience from within the chaos of images and impressions. Particularly because the space seems to tell a story of its own, the shown pieces of art will manifest themselves to the audience as a mixture of objects, ornaments, decorations, and artworks.

The ultimate goal of A Haunted House of Art is to be an entertaining exhibition filled with expression. A real sight showing an overview of contemporary art forms while inviting the audience to investigate its own behavior of looking. »

Gabriël Lester

Artists : Hans Aarsman, Michael v/d Abeele , Ademir Arapovic, Anita Arensman, Mark Bain, Thomas Bakker, James Becket, Heimir Björgúlfsson, Aysel Bodur, Merijn Bolink , Doctor Broadcast, Wim Catrysse , Rosa Claire, William Cobbing, Martha Colburn, Michael Coombs , Delphine Courtillot, Roger Cremers , Koen de Decker , Helmut Dick , Ami Dicke, Pieter Dobbelsteen, Pam Emmerik, Darko Fritz, Florian Goetke, Georges Hanna, Sara v/d Heiden, Una Henry, Tomas Hillebrand (NL), Juul Hondius (NL), Runa Islam (UK), Dirk Jan Jager (NL), Folkert de Jong (NL), Thijs Kauffmann (NL), Job Koelewijn (NL), Meindert Koelink, Kris Kroenke, Guillaume Leblon, Dirk van. Lieshout, Gijs Müller, Goshka Macuga, Thomas Manneke, David Moir, Magnus Monfelt, Mathew Monohan , David Neirings , Oskar Nielsson, Melik Ohanian , Jonas Ohlsson, Kamiel Proost, Laurence Rengert, Nick Renshaw, Maria Roosen, Julika Rudelius , Bojan Sarcevic, Neboja Seric, Dieweke Spaans, Pär Strömberg, Michael Tedja, Jennifer Tee, Andreas Templin, Harald Thys/Jos de Gruyter, Heidi Voet, Peter Vos , Freek Wambach, Herwig Weiser, Pia Wergius, Eric Wie, Thomas Wildner, Hartmut Wilkening

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