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Slowmotion From Slave To Valse

Cca Kita Kyushu Kitakyushu  •  Japan [JP]

In the SLOWMOTION space built for this exhibition, Ohanian invites the viewers to produce through his pre-historical computing machine different letters/words/signs on five lightning boards placed into the gallery space, in the process where the viewers acts as a computer.

On the opening day the word SLAVE appears on the boards as a hypothetical starting point and on the final day of the show the word VALSE operates as a hypothetical ending point. During this time, the space would be the place of countless small modifications free-performed by the visitors.

The duration of the exhibition is recorded by a numerical transposition of each act transferred on a pad by the visitors and this encoding is used tore-produce all the signs into the book produced by CCA. A potential collective poetry.
Melik Ohanian stayed at CCA Kitakyushu as Professor of Research Program from the end of October to November, 2003.

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