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A Moment As An Event

Performa 05 • Governor Island New York  •  United States of America [US]

Melik Ohanian launched his book Cosmograms (Lukas&Sternberg) during the Performa 2005 event. The idea for Cosmograms originated from Ohanian’s seven-screen film projection Seven Minutes Before presented at the Sao Paolo Biennale (2004) in which one narrative was screened from seven different views. Edited by Ohanian and French writer Jean-Christophe Royoux, contributors from varied fields include Beatriz Colomina, Professor of Architecture at the University of Princeton; David Elbaz, an astrophysicist; Richard Drayton, a lecturer in Extra-European History at the University of Cambridge; and Tacita Dean, a Berlin-based artist. Born in 1969, the multimedia artist Melik Ohanian lives and works in Paris. Using film and photography, Ohanian explores scientific, social, and cultural communities. (45 minutes)


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